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Pre-Marital Sex

I am a virgin and it looks like I am the only one left.
Other girls in school laugh at me because I am a virgin.

Read Deuteronomy 22:13-29: it tells us how serious God considers the issue of virginity.
When it comes to the issue of being a virgin, it applies to both males and females.
Marriage is a covenant, and through covenant relationship, a husband and wife come to know one another intimately in a way in which neither of them should ever know any other person and no other person should ever know either of them.
Marriage establishes a covenant relationship, sealed by the sexual union. When a man and a woman get married as virgins, they have their first intimate sexual experience; the hymen of the wife is broken. This causes blood to be shed and to God this is the evidence that the couple have entered into a covenant relationship.
Whenever a man and a woman came together in a covenant union which had the seal of God’s approval, scripture says that he “Knew” her. But one where it was not approved by God, an illicit relationship the Bible used the word he “lay with” her. The essential difference is the word “commitment and responsibility” i.e. marriage. Where there is no marriage, the pleasure obtained in this way is “stolen”. Why that word? It’s because they haven’t paid the due price for it.
Think about the value of virginity, you own something that you can give away only once. It is a once in lifetime opportunity and you have the choice of when and who to give it to. One time!!!!!!!!
Virginity is meant to be a glory to self, your spouse and to God.