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What is Excellence?

What is Excellence? Excellence for a Christian is being the best that God created you to be, never settling for less. Excellence in God’s sight is getting the job done in God’s way. You might not be the “best” by world standard but you strive to be the best that God has created you to be. It is achieving your maximum potential, progressively moving toward the highest utilization of all you have been given by God. Excellence is internal-seeking satisfaction in having done your best. Excellence is how you have done in relation to your own potential. Excellence brings us down to a deep gratitude for the promise of joy when we do our best. Excellence cultivates principles, character, and integrity. No matter the work you do, be it office work, school work, household chores, church work, cooking, sweeping etc. you put in your best and do it like you are doing it for Jesus(Col.3:23).