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What does the Bible say about Submission?

Biblical submission means to voluntarily yield your right to a person with authority.
Sometimes, authority may be incompetent or inadequate but because God has given us the commandment we ought to obey God by submitting as long as what we are asked to do or say does not conflict with God’s Word.
For example wives are to submit to their husbands, not because their husbands are superior but because God has made the husband the head of his wife. God has given the husband authority over his wife (Gen. 3:16; Eph.5:22-24; Col.3:18).
When she submits, she obeys God’s commandments concerning marriage.
We are also to submit to human authorities instituted by God (Rom.13:1-7; 1Pet.2:13).
The Church is to submit to Christ (Eph.5:24).
Children are to submit to their parents (Eph.6:1-3).
Workers are to submit to their boss (Tit.2:9; 1Pet.2:18; Eph.6:5).
Believers are to submit to their spiritual leaders (Heb.13:7, 17; 1Pet.5:5).
When we submit, we can be an effective witness for Christ (1Peter3:1-6)
When we submit, we glorify God (Matt.5:16).