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Where did the crowd go?

At the time Jesus died on the cross the onlookers were described as many women ( Matthew 27:55-56 ) who looked from afar. But beside the cross Jesus saw Mary Magdalene, Mary the wife of Clopas, His mother, His mother's sister and John. (John 19:25) where was the crowd?
Where were the people who He healed, those He casted demons out of, those He raised from the dead? When Jesus was crucified even many of His disciples were nowhere near His cross.
Today I was reading the book of Job. Before Job lost his money he helped people. He described himself as a father to the poor. Where were they when he has boils and became very poor?
There are so many people that are only around for the good times. The Bible says a brother is born for adversity. We need to have a forgiving heart and show love whether or not people will show love back.
The absence of His friends did not make Jesus change His mind about dying for us. We should do good and expect a heavenly reward! We should stop looking at people because the bible has shown us that people are not faithful.
Instead let's look at Jesus and copy Him. Show love, do good to people that can or will never repay and you will be blessed.
By: Morenike George-Taylor
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