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Love is a word that is greatly over-rated amongst us youths today. In actual words, Love is something that every person wants to experience. Everyone wants to experience it either from a Father, Mother, Sister, Friend, Spouse, etc. Love is something we all want to give out though at the same time we want it to be returned to us from whomsoever we give it to. However, we seem to have forgotten that the ONE who created us all is LOVE Himself. He is the only one who can love us unconditionally; 1John 4:8b. He alone can give us the true meaning of LOVE. This love is also called ‘agape’ love; it is God’s pattern of love for us and what we are to give to our fellow human beings.
Today, many of us are looking for "LOVE" especially amongst youths mostly from the opposite sex and the reason for that is not far-fetched. Anyway, my question is this: "What is the motive behind looking for love?" Is it Godly or Worldly? Now just in case you are jaunty because you think you’ve found love, not too fast, I want to justify it with what I call "THE ULTIMATE LOVE CHAPTER" which I am going to expatiate on later in this article; 1 Corinthians13.
After expatiating on The Ultimate Love Chapter, if the person that claims to "LOVE YOUR" composure/attitude does not conform or tally with the 1Cor.13 policy then you should discard such ideas or insinuation that portray "LOVE" because it is all "LUST and INFATUATION". I know a lot of people might want to stop reading this wondering; "Why does this policy have to come from the Bible, why not something from a relationship or dating blog?" Well, one thing I know for sure is that anything founded upon "THE BIBLE" or derived from it will always be true and efficacious. God will always be true and all men be liars; Romans 3:4a.
A summary of The Ultimate Love Chapter, 1Cor 13 (RSV) says: "Love is patient, Love is kind, Love is not jealous, Love is not boastful, Love is not arrogant, Love is not rude, Love does not insist in its way, Love is not irritable, Love is not resentful, Love does not rejoice at wrong, Love rejoices in right, Love bears all things, endures all things and hope all things".
I know the above attribute of love is explanatory but I will just pick a few and expatiate on them.

Ask yourself this: "Is the person willing to be patient with me?" Is this person always pressuring me to do something I don’t want to do of my own volition? For instance, the person does not want to be patient with you on the issue of pre-marital sex. You want to wait to be married, quoting the relevant scripture in IITimothy 2:22 which speaks about fleeing youthful lust. You should already know this person does not love you because the person’s wishes contradict scriptures. Also, this person is not exercising one of the attribute of love which is patience, he/she also contradicts another attribute of love which says: "Love does not rejoice in wrong but rejoices in right".
Pre-marital sex is wrong and can never be right. Even a popular local song says: "If you love me, you will wait for me", stressing the attributes of love which is, Patience. So, once that love is not patient but always pushy you should know that it is erroneous and not godly.

A person that claims to "Love you" who is always bragging or is always boasting is obviously not the right person for you. You notice anytime the person does something remarkable for you or maybe others, he/she tends to bring it to the notice of others or the public. God is against this act as He advocate secret giving; Matthew 6:3, 4. He also personally hates boasting in all spheres and areas of one’s life; Ephesians 2: 9. A Yoruba proverb describes God as "Afunimasiregun" which means "The One that gives and does not boast or brag about it".

I will take just one more that is:

When a person claims to "Love you", he/she will not always want to have his/her way in everything. Such person will care about the other party’s opinion. This process apart from being an attribute of love is also laid down in scripture in James 1: 19 which says: "Be slow to speak and swift to hear". This is why God as well does not force us to do things. He gives us our free-will, another reason we can say "GOD is LOVE".

I did not expatiate on all but I want you to know that this policy will never fail if the person’s comportment is judged based on ALL not SOME of the attributes of love as penned down in The Ultimate Love Chapter; 1Corinthians 13. Note I said all not some (you see it is in red, very important). If the person is patient but arrogant then this person is "DISQUALIFIED".
In conclusion, I want to tell you that the "ULTIMATE LOVER is GOD and nobody can LOVE YOU like He does" because before you loved Him, He already loved you.
So are you looking for that perfect partner?
If YES then I recommend one person which is GOD ALMIGHTY and with Him you are guaranteed: NO DISAPPOINTMENTS, NO DEPRESSION and NO HEART BREAK. All you need do to be His partner is accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour because Jesus is the ONE and ONLY contact to GOD; Romans 10:9, 10.
By: Kolawole Tumininu
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